Frequently Asked Questions



Smokin O’s standard service includes…

Staff will arrive to venue 4-5 hours in advance of service to set-up BBQ Pit

  • Staff will set-up of food service line and buffet
  • Heated chafing dishes will be used to hold and serve food
  • Serving utensils will be provided
  • Two uniformed staff members will assist guests
  • Staff will maintain and replenish the buffet line as needed for up to 2 hours
  • Staff will clean up entire buffet and BBQ pit area
  • Staff will pack leftover food in client provided containers

Customer will provide…

  • Large area for set-up of BBQ pit in proximity to intended location of buffet line
  • Two – 8 ft buffet tables with tablecloths and/or linens for the food service
  • Tables and chairs for guests and all linens and decor
  • All plates, napkins, eating utensils and beverages
  • Access to hot and cold water
  • Several large trash receptacles with extra plastic trash bags
  • Plastic containers, foil and/or baggies to package leftover food
  • Alternate accommodations for buffet service in the event of inclement weather

Company policy…

8.2.13 pics 001Retainer Fee

Client agrees to pay a retainer fee of 50% of the final total cost in order to secure the date. The remaining balance of the contract is due and payable to Debra Bell of Smokin O’s Catering upon arrival at the venue. We gladly accept cash and/or checks however, due to the high cost of credit card fees and lengthy processing time; we no longer accept credit cards. I apologize for any inconvenience.


In the event the Client cancels this contract, Smokin O’s reserves the right to keep the entire retainer fee as liquidated damages.

Portion Sizes

Our menu items are offered on a per guest basis, with portion sizes determined by our experienced catering staff. Typically, we allow ½ pound of meat per guest when served as a main course meal. We recommend that you should always have 2-3 side dishes from which to choose. This will reduce the amount of meat consumed and will provide a more balanced and interesting meal. We assume that each guest will consume 2 to 3 side dishes with their meal and each gallon of side dish will serve approximately 16 guests.

Food Quantity

14837394602_1fc9fa4bcc_zSmokin O’s prepares a 5-10 % overage of food quantity based on the final guest count. Part of this overage is to provide “tasters” for guests who tend to mingle around the Pit Boss and, a small portion is to include food for the staff and service providers. The Client will not be charged for this overage.


Preservation of the leftovers is not the responsibility of Smokin O’s Catering however, as a courtesy; we will wrap up leftovers upon the Client’s request so long as the Client has provided appropriate containers.

Please note: in accordance with appropriate health Codes, Smokin O’s Catering reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed upon event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur.